TSM - A possible solution for "ANR8369E Library LIB_NAME is not defined" error.


Check for errors in the TSM activity log with a command similar to the following.

q act begint=-1

This will show TSM activity for the last hour.

If TSM is reporting errors similar to the following then the name of the library may be incorrectly defined in the device class associated with the database backup.

03-09-2009 11:16:43      ANR0984I Process 1582 for DATABASE BACKUP started in the
                          BACKGROUND at 11:16:43. (PROCESS: 1582)
03-09-2009 11:16:43      ANR4552I Full database backup triggered; started as
                          process 1582. (PROCESS: 1582)
03-09-2009 11:16:43      ANR8369E Library DLTLIB is not defined. (PROCESS: 1582)
03-09-2009 11:16:43      ANR1404W Scratch volume mount request denied - mount
                          failed. (PROCESS: 1582)
03-09-2009 11:16:43      ANR4578E Database backup/restore terminated - required
                          volume was not mounted. (PROCESS: 1582)
03-09-2009 11:16:43      ANR0985I Process 1582 for DATABASE BACKUP running in the
                          BACKGROUND completed with completion state FAILURE at
                          11:16:43. (PROCESS: 1582)
03-09-2009 11:16:43      ANR4560I Triggered database backup will be retried in 60
                          seconds. (PROCESS: 1582)

Note that this database backup is a triggered event.

There may be different device classes defined for triggered and scheduled database backup events.

Check the backup trigger parameters as follows.

q dbbackuptrigger f=d or the shorter version q dbb f=d

Full Device Class: DLTCLASS 
Incremental Device Class: DLTCLASS 
Log Full Percentage: 75 
Incrementals Between Fulls: 0 
Minimum Backup Interval: 0 
Minimum Log Percentage Freed: 0 
Last Update by (administrator): SERVER_CONSOLE 
Last Update Date/Time: 22-10-2003 10:37:12

This shows us that the name of the device class for the triggered backup event is DLTCLASS.

Now query the device class named DLTCLASS to determine the library defined by typing the following.

q devclass DLTCLASS f=d

             Device Class Name: DLTCLASS
        Device Access Strategy: Sequential
            Storage Pool Count: 2
                   Device Type: DLT
                        Format: DRIVE
         Est/Max Capacity (MB):
                   Mount Limit: DRIVES
              Mount Wait (min): 5
         Mount Retention (min): 2
                  Label Prefix: ADSM
                       Library: DLTLIB
                   Server Name:
                  Retry Period:
                Retry Interval:
            High-level Address:
              Minimum Capacity:
                          WORM: No
              Drive Encryption:
               Scaled Capacity:
Last Update by (administrator): ADMIN
         Last Update Date/Time: 24-03-2003 10:22:11

We can see that the library defined for this device class is named DLTLIB.

Check that this is indeed the name your library, to do this type the following.

q libr f=d

                  Library Name: MYLIB
                  Library Type: SCSI
                        ACS Id:
              Private Category:
              Scratch Category:
         WORM Scratch Category:
              External Manager:
                        Shared: No
       Primary Library Manager:
                 Serial Number: 00L3U47B1912_LL0
                     AutoLabel: No
                  Reset Drives: No
Last Update by (administrator): ADMIN
         Last Update Date/Time: 21-11-2007 11:19:45

We can see that in this case the library is named MYLIB and therefore does not match the library defined in the device class for the triggered database backup.

Modify the library name in the device class to match the name of your library, or if the triggered db backup has the incorrect device class defined, change the device class.

To change the name of the device class defined for full and incremental database backups type the following, where new_devclass should be replaced for the name of your previously defined device class.

upd dbb dev=new_devclass incrdev=new_devclass