TSM - Port reservation on UNIX and Linux



When TSM is stopped it fails to restart because another application is using the ports normally used by TSM.


Reserve the ports used by TSM for TSM use only

Modify /etc/services so that the particular TSM port that is being used by another application is reserved for TSM

TSM uses TCP, to reserve the TSM ports 1500, 1501 and 1580 comment out the old entries in /etc/services and add entries to reserve them for TSM as follows.

#vlsi-lm                1500/tcp                # VLSI License Manager
dsmserv                 1500/tcp                # TSM server
#saiscm                 1501/tcp                # Satellite-data Acquisition System 3
dsmc                    1501/tcp                # TSM client
#tn-tl-r1               1580/tcp                # tn-tl-r1
dsmcad                  1580/tcp                # TSM Web GUI