IBM TSM - How to suspend a scheduled event


In this example an oracle DBA would like to clone a database. To do this he needs to restore from a TSM tape backup of a database on serverA and restore to serverB.

We will need to suspend reclamation to ensure there are sufficient tape drives available for the restore.

To check what active scheduled events are completed and scheduled to run use the following command.

q ev * t=a

To check what the scheduled event actually does type the following, (where RECLAIM should be replaced by the name of your schedule).

q sched RECLAIM t=a f=d

		 Schedule Name: RECLAIM
                   Description: Start reclamation for LTO based stgpools.
                       Command: run RECLAIMSTART
                      Priority: 5
               Start Date/Time: 25-03-2009 18:30:00
                      Duration: 1 Hour(s)
                Schedule Style: Classic
                        Period: 1 Day(s)
                   Day of Week: Any
                  Day of Month:
                 Week of Month:
                       Active?: Yes
Last Update by (administrator): ADMIN
         Last Update Date/Time: 24-03-2009 19:07:20
              Managing profile: 

The row labelled "Command:" will show you the command or script the schedule runs.

Once we have found the schedule we want to suspend, we can disable it as follows.

upd sched RECLAIM t=a active=no

The "t=a" argument means "type=admin" and needs to be present if the schedule is of type admin.

To restart the scheduled admin event type the following.

upd sched RECLAIM t=a active=yes