Configuring HP JetDirect printer on AIX

Submitted by Sathish Kumar

Install the "printers.hpJetDirect.attach" fileset.
Add IPs and hostnames for your printers to your /etc/hosts file.

Use the smit panels to configure the printer

smitty mkpq
--> hpJetDirect
--> Hewlett-Packard
--> hplj-4+
--> Do NOT make this system a BOOTP/TFTP server

Configure the print queue

    PCL                                         [hppcl]
    PostScript                                  [hpps]
    HP-GL/2                                     [ ]
 Printer connection characteristics
*    HOSTNAME of the JetDirect Card    [printer_hostname_in_/etc/hosts]
*    PORT                                         [9100]

Configuration of default print queue

--> Print Spooling
--> AIX Print Spooling
--> Manage Print Queues
--> Set the System's Default Print Queue
--> System DEFAULT QUEUE name --> set to "hppcl"

Command to fire print from AIX server

qprt -P hppcl:hp@mpc2500 [filename]

 lp -w [filename]

Please configure and test in Development environment before doing it in production.