How to check for free slots in an SSA disk enclosure

To check the configuration of an attached SSA disk enclosure use the diag command

Type the following command




These programs contain diagnostics, service aids, and tasks for
the system.  These procedures should be used whenever problems
with the system occur which have not been corrected by any
software application procedures available.

In general, the procedures will run automatically.  However,
sometimes you will be required to select options, inform the
system when to continue, and do simple tasks.

Several keys are used to control the procedures:
- The Enter key continues the procedure or performs an action.
- The Backspace key allows keying errors to be corrected.
- The cursor keys are used to select an option.

Press the F3 key to exit or press Enter to continue.

Press Enter to continue


FUNCTION SELECTION                                                        801002

Move cursor to selection, then press Enter.

  Diagnostic Routines
    This selection will test the machine hardware. Wrap plugs and
    other advanced functions will not be used.
  Advanced Diagnostics Routines
    This selection will test the machine hardware. Wrap plugs and
    other advanced functions will be used.
  Task Selection (Diagnostics, Advanced Diagnostics, Service Aids, etc.)
    This selection will list the tasks supported by these procedures.
    Once a task is selected, a resource menu may be presented showing
    all resources supported by the task.
  Resource Selection
    This selection will list the resources in the system that are supported
    by these procedures. Once a resource is selected, a task menu will
    be presented showing all tasks that can be run on the resource(s).

F1=Help             F10=Exit            F3=Previous Menu

Move cursor to "Task Selection (Diagnostics, Advanced Diagnostics, Service Aids, etc.)" and press enter


TASKS SELECTION LIST                                                      801004

From the list below, select a task by moving the cursor to
the task and pressing 'Enter'.
To list the resources for the task highlighted, press 'List'.

    Tape and Medium Changer Devices supported by the Atape Device Driver.
  Local Area Network Analyzer
  Log Repair Action
  Periodic Diagnostics
  RAID Array Manager
  SCSI BUS Analyzer
  SSA Service Aids
    This selection provides tools for diagnosing and resolving
    problems on SSA attached devices.
  Save or Restore Hardware Management Policies
  Update Disk Based Diagnostics
  Update System or Service Processor Flash

F1=Help             F4=List             F10=Exit            Enter
F3=Previous Menu

Scroll down to "SSA Service Aids" and press enter.


SSA SERVICE AIDS                                                          802380

Move cursor onto selection, then press .

  Set Service Mode
  Link Verification
  Configuration Verification
  Format Disk
  Certify Disk
  Display/Download Disk Drive Microcode
  Link Speed
  Physical Link Configuration
  Enclosure Configuration
  Enclosure Environment
  Enclosure Settings
  SMIT - SSA RAID Arrays
  SMIT - SSA Disks

Move cursor to "Enclosure Configuration" and press enter.


ENCLOSURE SELECTION (CONFIGURATION)                                       802912

Move cursor onto selection, then press .

  0001  enclosure0    SSA Enclosure
  0002  enclosure1    SSA Enclosure

Move cursor to enclosure and press enter.


ENCLOSURE CONFIGURATION                                                   802913

SSA Enclosure Configuration for:

  0001  enclosure0    SSA Enclosure

  Conn    Port  Link   Device                             Location   Exchanged

  40-C     1     ||    BYPASS
                       node1:pdisk20                         01
                       node1:pdisk3                          02
                       node1:pdisk0                          03
                       node1:pdisk5                          04
  40-I     4     >>    BYPASS
  40-I     5     >>    BYPASS
                       node1:pdisk12                         05
                       node1:pdisk13                         06
                       node1:pdisk16                         07
                       node1:pdisk18                         08
  40-C     8     ||    BYPASS
  40-C     9     ||    BYPASS
                       node1:pdisk11                         09
                       node1:pdisk10                         10
                       DDDD                                  11
                       DDDD                                  12
  40-I     12    >>    BYPASS
  40-I     13    >>    BYPASS
                       node1:pdisk9                          13
                       node1:pdisk23                         14
                       DDDD                                  15
                       DDDD                                  16
  40-C     16    ||    BYPASS

F3=Cancel                  F10=Exit

DDDD in the rows above stand for Dummy Disk Drive Module and represent free slots.


Key for screen symbols

X "Exchanged" flag. When set this flag indicates that the FRU has been removed
and reinstalled or exchanged for a new FRU since the flag was last reset.
---- No disk drive module
DDDD Dummy disk drive module
BYPASS SSA node bypass card
|| Inline state
|||| Forced Inline state
>> Bypass state
>>>> Forced Bypass state
OOOO Forced open state
20-C 20 MB per second copper cable
40-C 40 MB per second copper cable
40-I 40 MB per second internal link
40-O 40 MB per second optical link
SSA Disk Unconfigured disk drive