How to reboot, power off and power on an IBM S80 server


Before rebooting the S80 check the boot list using the command bootlist -m normal -o.

Check that the hard disk (eg. hdisk0) you wish to boot from is the first hdisk listed in the output from the bootlist command.

If there are any other devices listed to the left of this hdisk such as tape drives (eg. rmt0) or CD drives (eg. cd1) ensure there is no bootable media in these devices. For instance if a mksysb is made to a tape device and this tape device is listed to the left of the hdisk in the bootlist, then it is the mksysb tape that will be booted and not the required hdisk.

To reboot the S80 running AIX login as the root user and type shutdown -Fr. The -F indicates a fast shutdown bypassing the normal wait period and sending of messages to other users. The -r restarts the system instead of just shutting it down.

If you do inadvertently boot from the mksysb tape a screen similar to the following will be displayed.

******* Please define the System Console. *******

Type a 1 and press Enter to use this terminal as the system console.


Eject the tape and follow the power off procedure below.

Powering off the server

If possible to shutdown the server use the command shutdown -F, this is the cleanest way to shut down the server.

However if you cannot use this procedure then the server can be powered off by pressing the power button as described below.

1. Open the operator panel cover.

2. Press the white power push button on the operator panel.

The Data/Function display will show 0? (the power off symbol) with a blinking ?.

3. Press the power push button again, any other button to cancel power down.

4. The operator panel power On light starts blinking as the system powers off and then stays off when the power down is complete.

Powering on the server

Open the operator panel cover on the system rack.

Press the white power button on the operator panel.

The power On light on the operator panel starts blinking as the system is powered on. The power On light stops blinking and remains on when power on is complete.