How to configure storage for the best performance of Oracle


Starting in Oracle10g Oracle's storage recommendations is to use Automatic Storage Management (ASM).  Oracle also officially recommends using the SAME approach (Stripe And Mirror Everywhere), which is RAID 1+O ( also known as RAID 10 ) with segregation of undo and redo on separate spindles.

  • Area 1: Oracle executables and user areas, a control file, the SYSTEM tablespace, redo logs
  • Area 2: Data-data files, a control file, tool-data files, redo logs
  • Area 3: Index-data files, a control file, redo logs
  • Area 4: Undo segment-data files
  • Area 5: Archive log files

    Each Area listed above should be a RAID 10 array with as many disks as possible in each array, generally the more disks in each array the better performance.